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Our Services


1:1 Music Therapy

1:1 sessions use individualized interventions to address non-musical goals determined during the music therapy assessment. Sessions may include instrument play, singing, vocal cueing, sign language or AAC utilization, movement to music, lyric analysis, songwriting, emotional or sensory regulation, and more. Caregivers are involved in client care can learn techniques at home. This service is covered under CLTS and IRIS Medicaid Waiver.

Group Music Therapy for Seniors

Music therapy groups may occur in senior living facilities, community centers, or in the home of a group member.  These groups are focused on relationship building, memory maintenance, and quality of life goals.  Interventions may include discussions about musical artists and songs, instrument play, singing, and relaxation to music.  These groups are typically private pay or grant funded and may occur weekly or bi-weekly.

Group Music Therapy for Children

Music therapy and music therapy informed groups for children allow kids to connect, engage, and learn through music.  Music therapists may utilize various interventions based on group age and needs including but not limited to: songwriting, instrument play, movement to music, academic skill development, and more. Every Voice can provide group services in daycares, schools, at our clinic space, or with various community groups and non-profits.

Adaptive Lessons

In an adaptive instrument or voice lesson, a Board-Certified Music Therapist will use their knowledge of different physical and cognitive adaptations to encourage success in learning instruments such as guitar, piano, and ukulele.  The music therapist can create adaptive notations and use adaptive equipment such as the ChordBuddy to make using an instrument immediately successful.  This service is covered under CLTS and IRIS Medicaid Waiver.

Every Voice allows the following methods of payment for music therapy services: CLTS and IRIS Medicaid Waiver, private pay on a sliding scale, and payment directly from organizations.

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